On the 4th, Mrs. Dewi attended an event held in Tokyo. About Kabuki actor Kataoka Ainosuke-san and personality Kumakiri Asami-san’s split, she commented「Ainosuke-san’s breakup method was bad. And Asami-san? If she were to cry like that on screen, I can understand that she cannot get used to being a Kabuki actor’s wife.」. In addition, about the actress Fujiwara Norika-san who was reportedly going out with Ainosuke-san, she said sympathetically,「It would be a pit if she failed as a woman」.

About the tragedy between Ainosuke-san and Kumakiri-san, Mrs. Dewi mentioned in a blog dated on the 1st as well, that Kumakiri-san’s tearful denial of the tragedy on screen was「crying in public to buy sympathy」.

The event was an announcement of 「Emopa movie『Emodo』Phase 2 emopa life story」. Aside from Mrs. Dewi, singer GACKT-san, actor Shoei-san, and comedian Esupa Ito-san made appearances, it was a PR event for 「emopa」 an onboard function in Sharp’s smartphones which uses messages that are aligned to the user’s feelings and interacts with the user by sound or images.

Source: Mantan-web.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team