[Birthday Party]

Hey~ this is Hanakin Banado’s Hagi-chan!

Yesterday, GACKT and all you wonderful people celebrated my birthday and VARTIX’s President Nakano’s birthday!! Thanks~!!!

Also the surprise birthday cake to me and President Nakano…


Look at the size of that cake!!

The fork I’m eating with might just give way!

Just the cake made me super happy and it tasted really good!

I’ll work hard to receiving a cake someday that is as big as President Nakano!

And then, after that surprise presents!

VARTIX, Tiffany, Prada bags…

I was so happy I almost wet my pants.

Nah, I wet it a little.

While containing my excitement, I opened my presents and,


No way is he completely covered in seasoning!!!

Don’t make me piss my pants!!

And don’t rig the amount of vinegar!!

In addition my face looked like that!

The default slackjawed look, don’t make me look like that!


A picture with Sato-san and the Pikuru Vinegar. It’s likely my body will get softer from today onwards.

All the surprise presents made me super happy! Thank you very much!

And the hot pepper paste from President Nakano has,


A certificate that comes with it.

No way, what kind of hot pepper paste is this!

To be able to receive such wonderful presents, this year’s birthday is really the best~

My birthday is on the 24th!

It’s become a flying birthday too!

Well I guess it’s celebratory worthy, kind of like Christmas eve! (Lol)

Beginning with big bro GACKT and everyone, thanks for sucha wonderful birthday party!!!

Also, happy brithday to President Nakano!!

And one last thing,


Is this a treat!!!

There’s no need!!

Yoshimoto is a great guy~!!! Increasingly like a fool for work~!!!

Source: Hagichan Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team