“Brr brr brr…
Un~der~neath~ these~ hea~vens~ ”

Yes, hello…

Oh~ it’s you.

What’s up?
Did you want to hear my voice because you’re lonely?


“I can hear the sound of rain!” … you say…

Your ears, they’re sharp huh.
It’s not rain.
It’s the sound from a waterfall at the side of the pool.

The pool at my house
is getting a water shower.

“The one in your bedroom?” … you ask…

That isn’t as noisy as this one.
I worked on my home.


“How many homes do you have?” … you ask…

Hm… Now…
Hong Kong I guess…
And Philippines,
Indonesia… Well,
in South East Asia I have a few houses so,
depending on the work I change country.

In this season, this country feels good too.
Sitting on the terrace and working while listening to the water,
I actually make more progress than expected.


Besides, I like rain right?
In this season,
in South East Asia, every evening
there will be a squall.

This season really feels good with the rain.
With yesterday’s rain, my car completely could not be driven,
in the rain that suddenly poured…

It really surprised me.


Because it was night, I couldn’t see anything at all,
and though I have driven to the highway,
most cars stopped.
That’s the effect of the rain.

Interesting right?
To get into rain that becomes so heavy that you can’t see anything
is pretty rare.

“Is Takumi with you??” … you ask…

It’s not like he’s my boyfriend…
Give me a break.
He went back to Japan about a week ago.

Because there’s a meeting in Japan that
“I absolutely have to participate !” He said, then went back.

“I want to see the atmosphere of your home!” … you say…
No way.

Now, here is
The rooms have been getting smaller, and I’m thinking of moving.


Recently I keep losing my things.
In one day I have to search for so many things, it’s really exhausting…

I get excited when I find something interesting.
In the first place,
it’s my hobby to look around at things so
occasionally I even think if going around to look at properties.

What I’ve looked at until now
can be lightly estimated to be around 1000.
Because I have to fork out time to pick out various things to look at.

This time too there were quite a few good ones.
They were really wonderful.
I’m still not decided.
I wonder… Which should I get…

“What kind of places ?” … you ask…

For me, right.
I like places that are surrounded by greenery.
That’s why,
once I find such areas,
all at once I will find a number of places at the same time.

The environment is most important right.
Because that’s not something that money can change.


“Do you have time to relax?” … you ask…

I’m relaxing.
Somehow when Takumi came to South East Asia
he became more sunny than he normally is.


Blomaga-17Apr15-06 Blomaga-17Apr15-07

he suddenly decided to start posing…
Well, I don’t know what for but
in that guy’s own way, he’s having fun.

I get relaxed when I’m in such an environment.


In other words,
when the guys around me are laughing or make me laugh
I will also get the cheery feeling and enjoy myself.

To be able to be in such company
can be considered a blessing, don’t you think?

The streets are also beautiful,
and then sunset is so beautiful that I can’t take it.


Drinking tea while sitting outside like this,
is a really fresh experience to me.

While passing that small amount of time,
lots of ideas came bubbling up.
It’s my job to build these ideas up
with the pieces one by one right?

while I work hard on the details of the ideas,
this guy is really just messing around…


Blomaga-17Apr15-10 Blomaga-17Apr15-11 Blomaga-17Apr15-12 Blomaga-17Apr15-13

He won’t stop acting cool…
No no, if it’s me I don’t have to act cool.

I definitely won’t lose in competition of making funny faces.


Source: OH!! MY!! GACKT

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team