Dear my G-Lovers

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For the first time in awhile, I fired up the engines.
It’s my beloved Lamborghini Murcielago.


This is my hobby.
When talking about a restless horse,
this can barely be compared with the Aventador.

Then controls are difficult to master,
and if you happen to offend it it will soon get sulky.

This guy will easily run off a corner,
and it takes the best drivers to call it the “man’s toy”.


If you think about it,
the Aventador was really well done.
It’s not just a simple model change
that makes it a different car.

You can say it’s a completely different car…

The whole electrical controls,
in terms of the speed and the weight of the wheel’s handling it’s all been changed.
Initially when I first drove it,
I felt a strong difference as if
I was driving a Celsior instead.

[Is this… really under the same Lamborghini…? ]


I kept thinking over and over again.
Thinking like that could be because
it really felt like an all-door type.

When I first rode the Aventador,
a scene from Gundam came to mind…

In A Bao A Qu,
a Zeong mechanic,
a “Sakioka sergeant” and Char Aznable had a conversation.

This Sakioka is a separate thing but,
a character called Rio Marini is also involved but…
Well, it’s kind of a maniacal story.

Those who know what I’m talking about,
I really wonder if they exist within my fans…

That’s the conversation between Sakioka and Char.

Sakioka Sergeant
[80%? This isn’t a joke. At this point, the Zeong is at 100%]


[That’s not realistic]

Sakioka Sergeant
[That’s how it is designed. People in the upper ranks won’t understand this.]

[When you explained the method of usage earlier I understood but, the Psycommu… can I use that?]

Sakioka Sergeant
[As the colonel’s new type’s abilities are still unknown, I cannot confirm anything]

[Say it straight. I don’t like this]


Sakioka Sergeant
[Apologies. If it’s any consolation, if Colonel is the one using it, things should go well]

[Thank you. I’ll trust you.]

This exchange
is my favourite
in the Gundam series.


this clearly displays Char’s personality.
His way of thinking is
“Regardless of the rank of the person,
one should give their honest opinion without prejudice”.

He holds onto a principle of efficiency.


Another point is,
the Sakioka Sergeant, who has Char as a Colonel above his rank,
has without hesitation,
and with a strict attitude spoken to Char.

This is,
a sure confidence in what he prepared and made
in other words the Zeong, that gave him that personailty.

I’ve gone off topic but…
I long for a relationship like that which these two share.

As an athlete ,
as a musician,
as a racer,
even regardless of what business you’re doing,
if you don’t have a partner who can be like this to you,
you can’t conquer the world even if you alone has the power to.


To me, the Murcielago is a Gelgoog.
The Aventador could be considered as a Hyaku Shiki i guess…

To me,
more than the Aventador,
I prefer this unruly horse, the Murcielago.

The Murcielago has given me countless of problems all this time but,
as expected I still like it more.


Blog-26Apr15-09 Blog-26Apr15-10

Maybe it’s the feeling of driving an All-Door type…

This is my corrupted beloved Murcielago.
The fender got caught in the parking lot’s machine curb bar,
and the carbon got into the crack.


When this accident happened,
the curb bar became something like a stopper,
and I couldn’t move at all.

When visiting a close friend’s condominium,
for such an accident to happen…

Many security personnel
did many trials and errors on it
and in the end they had to remove the curb bar from the ground and its foundations.


Looking at the carbon that went into the crack looks painful.
The problem isn’t the cost of fixing it.

To find a good mechanic overseas is
really difficult.

Even in Japan,
to find a mechanic that you can really trust
will take quite a bit of time,
now in a foreign land will I even be able to find a good one…


Normally it would be normal to think that way but,
I’m blessed with the luck of meeting good people.
To call this my asset wouldn’t be an exaggeration.
Because of this accident,
unexpected new acquaintances came flying to me again.

With this as the cause,
I met a racer for Lamborghini,
and I met my friend’s close friend,
a guy called Zen.


After a meal together, we got along well,
then he invited us to visit his factory
so we did and we found many mechanics
working hard maintaining many beautiful cars which were lined up.

At his factory,
I was introduced to Zen and his Partner.
I spoke quite a bit with his mischievous partner.


Blog-26Apr15-15 Blog-26Apr15-16

While messing around with him and his partner,
we talked about quite a few different topics.
The two of them seem to enjoy talking freely like children.


Definitely my car was damaged but
to be able to meet such great people by chance
is something I’m thankful for.

Zen, the partner, who politely
introduced the cars in the factory one by one.


Zen and his partner
has serious expressions when the stood before the race car,
and spoke in detail about it,
and again the same scene crossed my mind.
I can practically dub their conversation…
[Ah~!!! Char and Sakioka!!!]

This made my chest tighten up.
If I explained about Gundam too that
it will take too much time…

Born from an accident,
a wonderful… new encounter.

My name is GACKT…
My motto is “Mr. ENCOUNTER”

When I get to meet these guys again,
maybe they’ll let me see something as wonderful again.

My thanks to you who have sustained injuries for me to get such a wonderful encounter.

[La-la~~, lead me forth!]



Dear my G-Lovers

My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.

(Updates thrice a month)

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