『GACKT no “Gaku”-Genshu”』released today!

25 April 1999.
16 years ago today, is a special day to GACKT, the day he had his first solo live.
I believe that there are definitely some LOVERS
who welcome today with similar feelings to GACKT’s.
To everyone who has constantly believed in GACKT, followed him,
and supported and cheered him on with words filled with love, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

This day to remember,
and the ability for the 15 years compilation book of his words,『GACKT no “Gaku”-Genshu格”』to be released,
is all thanks to the LOVERS who have been with us!
That’s why, the book for this time, is one which is fillled with keywords that GACKT can definitely support you with,
and push you to take the next steps in life^^

For these 15 years, without wavering, each one of GACKT’s songs have
helped to “detox” everyone’s hearts,
and I hope that they can become the momentum that gives everyone the drive in work and studies.

To enchant many LOVERS with the LAST VISUALIVE,
GACKT too is pushing ahead!
From here on too, please continue supporting him!

『GACKT no “Gaku”-Genshu”』
Release date:2015/4/25
Price:1,400 yen+tax
Purchase site:https://www.gackt-store.com/products/detail.php?product_id=11


Source: GACKT Official Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team