Announcement of Moon Saga -Yoshitsune Hiden- chapter 2 Deluxe 2-DVD edition

It has been decided that [Moon Saga -Yoshitsune Hiden- Chapter 2] which went on a nationwide tour in the summer of 2014, and [Moon Saga Special Yoshitsune Hot-Blooded School Story -Chapter 2-] which had a limited run in January of 2015, will be compiled in a 2 DVD Deluxe Edition.
Bonus footage has also been included in this Deluxe Edition, so please do not miss this chance.
*Members of Yumi Hiro’s fan club, please refer separately to your own fan club.

— General Info —
Moon Saga -Yoshitsune Hiden- Chapter 2 2DVD Deluxe Edition
Price: 15,000 yen (including tax)

— Content Details —
Moon Saga -Yoshitsune Hiden- Chapter 2
Disk 1 Actual stage play
Disc 2 Stage play commentary, Cast interviews, Omiya Halloween Digest
Moon Saga Special Yoshitsune Hot-Blooded School Story -Chapter 2-

Disc 1 Actual stage play
— Order period —
Until 1 May 2015 (Fri)
* As this product is limited in quantity, it is recommended to preorder to make sure that you can get a copy.
— Delivery Info —
Expected delivery date is during early June.
*Depending on your application method, postage may be separated.
— Application method —
Application can only made through post office.
Please fill in the necessary information in the “payment handling form” available at the post office. After confirming the postage price,
please make payment at your nearby post office window.
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[Contact for enquiries for order]
Moon Saga -Yoshitsune Hiden- Stage Production Committee
(weekdays 11:00 – 18:00)


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