GACKT x VARTIX original Sunglasses made in Sabae pre-sale plan at the exhibition.

Vartix 24Aprile_01
This sunglasses worn by GACKT, on their first presentation received a great number of enquires causing a huge commotion in the company… .

Further improvements where made afterwards, to create a final product able to exceed any expectations.

Vartix 24Aprile_02

Vartix 24Aprile_03

They were produced with the fusion of modern technology of 3D cutting method with Sabae traditional hand made products since 80′.

They were made with the skillful technique of the world-class glasses maker of Sabae, in Fukui prefecture.

In addition, it was made using the new technology of 3d cutting method that can be referred to as a technological revolution.

A fusion of ‘Traditional and modern technology’ , this is certainly a huge renovation.

Vartix 24Aprile_04

Vartix 24Aprile_05

This is an article of rare beauty that as it was made for GACKT, as strict as a demon, obsessed with millimetrical precision, that none other than those craftsman could realise.

From 2015/3/16 in all VARTIX SHOWROOMS around the country

Source: GC Online Store Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team