Here’s a message from your Executive Committee~》
This year’s 91st Camui♂Gaku-en de on-snow Tai-ikku-sai has come to an end~
And to all the students who participated, and those who couldn’t make it physically, but were there in spirit,
Thank you all!!
The past month has gone by fast.
The Head of Student Council has come out on top!!
In celebration of the amazing 2 wins in a row,
We’ve put together a snow mountain photo album, “Memories Album for the 91st Camui♂Gaku-en de on-snow Tai-ikku-sai”!!
There you’ll find not only cool pics of the Head of Student Council,
An enthusiastic Head,
Cute Head,
And many other off-shots of our Head of Student Council!!
Here I’m going to be uploading on of my favourite shot of Head of Student Council Lol
Here’s a picture of him during the competition.
Woooow、With Head of Student Council so close up, I think I’m gonna faint!!\
Head of Student Council’s getting into it just as much as the students.
This is the stuff that lead him to victory!!
I highly suggest you participate in the next one, and experience it for yourself!!
Here’s some more news!!
In commemmoration for the Head of Student Council’s 2 win streak,
20 G&LOVERS members will be picked from all the students who have made a purchase, and will recieve a special bonus!!
For those interested,
Applications open until Wednesday 13th May
The next favourite photo will be on
Friday 1st May
look forward to seeing it!!
【Preview of next】
Details of special bonus announced!!!
See you next week~

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Source: GACKT Official Facebook