Sale of [91st Camui Gakuen de Snow Sports Fest Memorial Album]!!
Here’s an update on our activities .

This year’s 91st Camui Gakuen de Snow Sports Fest has ended without incident~
Thank you very much for all the love we’ve received from both the students who took part and didn’t!!
A month has already passed since.

This time , the Student Council President won!!
We made a memorial album [91st Camui Gakuen de Snow Sports Fest Memorial Album] for the first time to commemorate his 2 wins in 2 consecutive years!!
Of course, the cool Student Council President
the hard working President
the cute President
and the behind the scenes President will be filling the pages too!!

Also, we will be releasing special shots of the President in 5 rounds

Firstly, the first batch.

3.2.1. Tadah


Kyaa~~♥♥♥, if Kaichou came this close I’ll definitely faint!!
This is the rumored ♥ kiss kiss hug hug!!
Next time, do join us and experience it!!

For those interested to purchase
We will stop taking orders on 13 May (Wed)

2nd batch of student council President’s secret shots will be released on 24 April (Fri)!!

[Next Announcement]
There may be a plan intended specially for the FC members!!!!!????
See you next week!! Gokigenyo~


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team