Brr brr brr…
Yume nara samenaide (If it’s a dream don’t wake up)♪♫… …
Kono sora no mukou he~ (Beyond this sky)♪♫・・・・・・・、

Yes, hello…

Eh… Who’s this?
Ah~~~, it’s you.
It’s been quite awhile.
What’s up?
It’s rare that you call me right?

「Was France alright?」… you ask…

What’s that, all of a sudden…
Even though I’m out of France,
and have gone to Italy already…

That being said,
I’m arriving in Japan.
Right now, I’m just walking in.


「It’s because I read about the incident in France」… you say…

Ah~ that.
Somehow, it’s been blown up into quite a huge thing.
It’s not the same…

I didn’t particularly
say 「I got discriminated~!!」 or
anything like that
or create any kind of commotion at all…

The story grew out of proportion
and I thought, what a wreck…


What I wanted to say was
whether you’re the one discriminating or the one being discriminated,
both parties definitely will have their own root problems.
That’s what I wanted to get across.

It’s not a problem that can get solved easily,
and it’s also not about pinning blame on anyone.
If you’re put in a situation of being discriminated,
depending on the circumstances,
you have to handle it as your own responsibility,
at the same time you can’t let yourself get discriminated against.

Ever since that article came out,
I got flamed from China, with them saying things like

『You’re criticizing us Chinese!!!』


『Don’t discriminate the Chinese!!!』

It’s almost as if it’s become about China…

To say it clearly, that’s not what it’s about either.
I really want to say “read properly till the very end!”.
Whether you’re Chinese,
or Korean,
or Asian in general I would never discriminate against anyone.


Even though it’s easily understandable if you just read my whole entry.
Why would you just pick up random parts of it.

Be it Japanese,
Korean, it’s not about any of you.

Those who are being discriminated
are usually the ones whose actions
invite discrimination.

Those people
go to foreign countries and do things that are a nuisance to the locals,
like things that are intolerable
or appear to be lacking in manners to the locals.


But y’know,
what it is that Japanese like us
do when they’re overseas,
or the things that Chinese people like them do,
even if we’re in our own countries, there’s no way to know so,

to solve a problem like this
we have to raise our level of education,
and firstly start with ourselves
to live without being embarrassed of ourselves!
That’s what it is.

In the past, our parents always said this right?

『Whether you’re going out
or wherever it is you’re going
please don’t make yourself an embarrassment! 』

This is really what I’m trying to say.


It’s not a simple case where
just because they are Caucasians they discriminate Asians.

For them,
they have no idea what kind of person I am
so honestly, there is no relation.

If we classify people
into Caucasians, Blacks, Asians…
and categories like these,
you can’t really recognize who’s from where…

we’re all the same anyway right?

Are you a Black person from Africa,
or a Black person from America,
or a Black person from Europe,
or are you a Caucasian from England,
or a Caucasian from France,
or a Caucasian from Norway,
or a Caucasian from America…
the difference can hardly be noticed.

That’s why, in a conclusive summary,
we’re put into the category of Asians.

Isn’t that fine, in any case.
We’re Asian anyway.

So, saying “Asians are being discriminated by Caucasians!”
is a big misunderstanding.


There definitely exists the discrimination of Asians but
it’s not particularly discrimination by Caucasians.

Everything depends on the person in question.
From both the discriminator and the discriminated.

For example,
just because the person was French,
it doesn’t mean that the whole country discriminates.
That’s also wrong.

Of course,
there are many in France who are very prideful.
Even so to say that everyone
discriminates would be erroneous.


In fact,
when I visit France,
in clubs I can hit on locals
and on the other hand, I get hit on too on a daily basis,
at the same time I have many French friends.

With them,
they respect me,
and I respect them too.
It appears that they too have read this article,
and instead they apologized.

『We’re sorry that you had to experience something like that』 they said.

No, no,
it’s not your fault,
and I didn’t write about it with blame in mind so,
please don’t simply swallow
what the news stories abstracted! I told them.
I also said,
the full story is written in my blog so please read instead!


Of course when I walk down the streets,
there were many elder folks who spoke nicely with me.
Of course,
there were also times when they were mean.

On this point,
isn’t Japan the same as well?

Amongst the people who are Japanese like you,
there are those with bad attitudes,
and those who are kind.

It’s the same.
It’s not about the country, or skin colour,
or age.


「So what should we do?」… you ask…

Source: OH!! MY!! GACKT!!!

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team