Firstly, today I will start from the day that we will never forget March 11th, 2011.
h. 14:46
It’s been four years since the tsunami that hit the north-east Pacific Ocean.
We remember once again that all the missing people now look at us from up there, I really pray with all my heart that you have found peace.

I am happy to wait spring for many reasons
People hope their deepest desires can become reality

From the most mundane to the most complex things such as escape from a natural disaster.
Even this morning, but mine is a triviality, the ipad broke and now a cover of jewelry has become unusable
Argh, there’s nothing to do.
Even if I gave you the blame to someone else there would be nothing to do, I have to try to save it, placing it somewhere safe.
“If you are well prepared there will be no reason for concern”, This way of saying suits me just in this situation, but…
Since I have to act even in the less auspicious moment I decided to be punctual, save money, improve the work behind the scenes, notes, etc ..
But first of all I must also commit myself to improve my health!
From ordinary person that I am, I can’t help but continue training, but I would still be able to enhance my strength, endurance and perseverance.
Thankfully I don’t have the belly, or a measly white hair, and abs are sculpted!
It seems that the workouts are paying off!
Sometimes I feel that my belly wants to tell me: ” Even I have to train hard …? ”
I wonder what it might be, but as far as I commitments, I don’t think is enough.I clear the goal I want to achieve and I will continue to train until I will have achieved!
What I hate most in the world are the unfinished things !
If I made the decision to do it I’ll do it! If you can’t should do, I think it’s still a personal victory!
Changing the topic, this year is going to become one of the best ever!
After a long time I had a fantastic impression of TVCM
Even the great success of the live of N and B of nmb48 bijoude ended but, I got to meet B2.
The experience of the live NMB48 I did’t like at all, since I’m not very interested to the idol.
However, I was really impressed to see dancing girls of an age that comes up to 21 years, dance for more than 3 consecutive hours.
Also they manage to warm the hearts of the whole world, even though they are very young.
But I’m convinced that you can’t sell CDs only engaging on stage, and even if they could do it certainly couldn’t last long.
I wasn’t able to feel their presence, even half !.
However, this year I will work very much
Well, in truth I think this year, me and GACKT, we will do a lot of very interesting things!
What will we do? Ahahahh! It’s a secret
Well,to the next time♪
GACKT’s blomaga : OH!!MY!GACKT中野猛 is being written!

Source: Takeshi Nakano Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team