Announcement of “Gaku Genshu (GACKT Sayings)” that is filled with GACKT-ism!

This time, we are announcing that GACKT’s saying which exhibit his strong will
are being gathered in an all-colour visual picture book
and will be published by TakaraJima Company!

Words that inspire determination or courage, words that bring overflowing warmth or comfort,
the book of GACKT sayings is a collection of words that will become you source of energy for tomorrow.

By all means, please use it as a bible for you daily life ~

[GACKT’s Gaku Genshu]
1,400yen + tax (Delivery 700yen)
Pre-order until 25 April 2015

Publisher: Taka Jima Company
ISBN-10: 4800234670
ISBN-13: 978-4800234674

Order via GACKT Store:

Payment by 10 April -> Delivery around 25 April
Payment after 11 April -> Delivery anytime after 25 April


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team