《Nestle Presents「GACKT na Game!? GA-ME-SENTERU!」×「P.S. I LOVE U GACKT」
Collaboration Event! Starting today》
An event sudenly decided while playing P.S. I LOVE U GACKT,
on the show planned for airing everyday for 365 days, at 7:00 PM.
Nestle Presents「GACKT na Game!? GA-ME-SENTERU!」!
The site for the event,
“Find GACKT’s childhood friend “Elise Sasazuka”, and lovely younger
sister “Saya”, is finally open!
Details announced in the URL below!
For those girls (and guys?) who think you are the REAL Elise Sasazuka, or Saya
This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to have your photo taken with GACKT!!
Get yourselves in and submitting.
《Urgent Project, Find Elise Sasazuka and Saya! Special Site》
URL: http://fb.gackt.com/gamesenteru/

Source: GACKT Official Facebook