《Nestle Presents「GACKT na Game!? GA-ME-SENTERU!」》
The YouTube show「GACKT na Game!? GA-ME-SENTERU!」is off to a good start after it’s first air on 1st July.
For 365 days, 7:00 PM every day!!
GACKT will be broadcasting game-play videos☆
With a new game on the list since yesterday…
With that,
the first time of the game, having actor and model, Yuki Kimisawa joining as guest,
GACKT challenges his own game!!
And the way he sometimes makes fun of TAKUMI is also a sight to see! Lol
Well well, how will things go this time!?!?
What’s more, there seems to be a splendid project planned for the near future!?!?
Details will be annonuced in「GA-ME-SENTERU!」!
Can’t wait to find out☆
And continuing on with the challenge on Ao oni,
GACKT continuously shouting “I won’t lose!” is actually quite cute♪
Keep your attention on this game full of scares!!
Also new on the challenge list,
-Final Fantasy VII- Crisis Core,
a GAME which GACKT makes an appearance in!!
How will things turn out!?
Things are going to get heated up on 「GA-ME-SENTERU!」
Not something I’d want to miss out on☆
GACKT will probably be replying in the comments section today too!
Definitely something not to miss out on☆
Here’s what you’re looking for☆
Come on everybody, get your sneak peek here!!!
【Nestle Presents「GACKT na Game!? GA-ME-SENTERU!」】
Airing: From 1st July 2014, everyday for 1 year
Time: 7:00 PM
Airing on: YouTube Nestle Japan Official Channel

Source: GACKT Official Facebook