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I woke up in my house overseas.
My entire body is in pain…
It feels like I have a fever again.


From the slits between the curtains, light floods in.
“It’s already morning…”
While lying half concious in bed,
I recalled the stage play which ended a few days ago.



Finally the Yoshitsune Hiden 2 related plays have ended…
No, have sadly ended…

The curtains closed on a very successful Yoshitsune Hot-Blooded School Story.
Really, having only 2 sessions of this play is too much of a waste.
But we had no choice but to settle with only 2 sessions
of such a quality play.


Well, it can’t be helped that it ended.
If only the production team this time around
were more aggressive…
that’s something that I keep thinking about.

If you can only work with a negative attitude,
I think that it’s better that you don’t work with me but…


I guess it’s a good thing that it ended anyway.

Even so,
it’s been awhile since I had such a good feeling from a stage play.
Even after it ended,
being able to do it like this, it can be said that it calms my heart.
The actors faces looked refreshed as well.


And, now I think:

“Finally, it’s come to an end…”

It’s both the end of all the Yoshitsune stage play related works
and the last time I’m seeing these guys together.

Honestly, the feelings of a reluctant farewell came out.
To have been able to meet such wonderful friends
I am sincerely thankful.


At the launch,
the girls who were involved in Yoshitune’s actual play came along too.
And these close friends,
once again were proven to be great people to me.

Right now I’m overseas immersing myself in the afterglow of the stageplay ending
while healing my body and spirit.

My fatigue surfaced in one fell swoop.
These two days have been a nightmare with the fever
but I’ve recovered a bit and feel better now.


While lying dazed in bed,
I suddenly started laughing.

I’m in shambles… really…

I’ll laugh.
At this battered body of mine.

Then I’ll praise.
The spirit of his body which continuously ran
for the whole of the last year.
Just awhile more and I’ll prepare.
It’s time for me to head to the airport.

My phone’s ringtone rang out…
I wondered who it was, apparently it’s a message from Mayo-san.

When the play ended Mayo-san too
looked like he was about to cry…

I wonder if he contacted me because he felt lonely…
I’ll open the message and have a look.

“GACKT, sorry… I’ve become a burden to you.
Even though it’s after great pains that the stage play ended
I don’t understand why but the stupid women have teamed up together…
My greatest apologies…. I’m sorry…”

I haven’t the slightest clue as to what he was talking about but
I read the attached article.


Who’s this woman??

Seriously, it’s the end of the world.

I’m not saying this to protect Mayo-san but,
I’ll say this just once.

did not introduce any women to me, not even once!!

More or less, these women themselves
without clarifying the facts
blabbered about stuff like this carelessly…
Even though there was no need for my name to even be mentioned.

Why are the gossip magazines following this approach recently…
by simply stuffing in a small amount of truth
does that make it okay to make up everything else?

Even if you wrote it as if it was truth,
is there any reason that it would sell?

How ridiculous, seriously…

I said one thing to Mayo-san.

“My condolences…”

Really, everytime I see such articles
my disdain of the Japanese culture grows.

Freedom of press is regularly said.
But does that justify writing anything you like just to sell more?
And in terms of things that aren’t facts,
is it okay to just end it with an apology attached to the back of the magazine?

Don’t be ridiculous!!

Seriously, it stinks…
You can’t do anything but laugh.


As the sun extends pushes my back with its hands,
I thought of how Mayo-san probably was like
when he sent me the article.

The image of Mayo-san slipping into deep shit on this kind of thing,
and while covered in it
desperately typing the text to send to me…

I may only send a few words to you but…

“In times like this, just laugh”

That’s right…
When I’m partners with a guy who is stuck in deep shit,
I’ll also slip right into the mess face first.

Yea, it stinks like hell…
Hurry and wash up as soon as possible.

After finally having these few days they’ve been messed up…
Even though my fever finally receded.

It’s time to go.
I’ll fix my mood and go back to Japan.


My name is GACKT.
My motto is Mr. GYPSY.

Go spend some time and relax
in a place without disturbances and noise.



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.

(Updates thrice a month)

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team