1. Happy New Year~. A new year year has begun. I’m feeling good tonight so I’ll answer everyone’s tweets for awhile. How’s everyone been?

2. (retweet OGYD) Am I the only one who things Fujiwara-kun behind looks a little 2d…?? I got bothered by it and didn’t really focus on me and Kiryuuin Sho…

3. (Retweet abecyancyan : GACKT playing Old Maid looks cool) Eh〜〜〜〜〜〜〜?????Cool〜〜〜???? I don’t really get that・・・

4. (Retweet EMIsayWARD : I thought, GACKT would come on Twitter, tomorrow… Like previous year(s)) A pity… So it was tomorrow… missed it by a little….

5. (Retweet gackt1 : A couple of photos of GACKT with producer Shimoyama Ten (*°∀°) (link) As this year’s Special Chapter of Yoshitsune Hiden will be recorded, I’ll be setting money aside and buying 2 ∩^ω^∩ ) Ten-chan is a great producer who always takes note of my strict requests and will definitely bring them to fruition. This man’s attitude towards creating creative works is definitely first-class.

6. (Retweet harupoid : thank goodness~~!!) So Sho was that happy. Somehow, I thought he wasn’t really putting in KiAi but,he really did his best… Tears are forming.

7: (Retweet miyatako0115 : Is this the real GACKT san? <3) If this is being carried out by a fake, the world has come to an end. Is there any reason for a fake to do something like this? Give me an answer within 200 characters. I only want the truth.

8. (Retweet gongora_tyappy : Please say something that will me me feel positive!) What? Are you depressed? You want courage from others? Courage isn’t something people can give you. You have to find it within yourself. Look for courage within yourself. Anything can be done. Don’t be scared, grit your teeth and charge through!!!

9. Well, it’s about time, shall we try creating the first “hot word” of the year? I wonder what’s good… Well, everyone let’s go with “Babamuki”!

10. (Retweet NSHINSHIGOD : Chin chin muki muki?) No no, that’s no right. Please muki/face it yourself…

11. (Retweet kssks_18 : When my boyfriend took one look at GACKT sama’s Twitter, he said “seems like a small minded guy”. Say something!) If that small minded guy is considered First Class it’s the end of the world. Sorry. Really. This is an era where we’re living with small minded people in the world. The world has ended. With that, here’s a question. Is your guy doing something really great? From here on I’m sure he’s doing something great for Japan. I’m looking forward to it.

12. (Retweet MiuWorking : GACKT san saying something so normal sounds funny (laughs)) No no, I’m just a normal guy who’s doing stuff like this for everyone’s enjoyment. Yes. Please laugh. Because I’m also holding my belly and laughing .

13. (Retweet gcamui : Has your fever gone down in the new year?) Honestly, I wondered if i was gonna die. Funnily, after the 31st, the fever went down. I even thought if i got into the group that was deemed unneeded by god but… I was allowed to live this year too!! Thank you~~~!!

14. (retweet kyou27izumi : What’s living to GACKT san?) Its a journey to find your final resting place. Until your final moments in life, its a baton relay to push as many people as possible forward… something like that.

15. (retweet Hylbc : I want GACKT san’s magnum) It’s sold at Lawson (convenience store)

16. Everyone’s too quick with retweeting that I can’t really pick up a good number but…8000 is too fast right? Today,

Schermata 2015-01-04 alle 17.03.34

17. (retweet syo60521234 : Oh it’s been awhile Big bro! How long I’ve waited~~~~ (laughs)) Sorry. Abandonment play is my speciality.

18. (retweet moe_yutakun : GACKT san please give me your condensed milk) Sorry… I can only give soy milk….

19. (retweet Kyan135Kir : I am a twin) What a coincidence/… I have a friend who is a twin too. An acquaintence of mine is a twin too. What a conincidence… incidentally, I am a twin too

20. (retweet dkdk1021 : Please give me soy milk) Sorry… earlier… it already… was given out.

21. (retweet himari9979: Does GACKT san have stuff like favourite quotations?) Falling sakura… sakura that are left too… falling sakura. That’s my favourite poem.

22. Thank you everyone. Impressive, “Babamuki” has made it to Trending~! *claps* I really get happy with simple stuff like that. Thanks! Chu~~ <3

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23. (retweet kikirara5910 : No dirty jokes allowed!) For guys, if we drop dirty jokes, what on earth do we have left to say!!! A world without jokes is like ramen without noodles! It’s like Mapo Tofu without Tofu! It’s like an Ostrich Club without a Leader!!

24. (retweet 0526Norihikon : GACKT-san, what’s babamuki?) Please stop looking for meaning in my existence…

25. (retweet AYAGAC4180 : What’s GACKTsan’s Kanji for the year?) “極” (extreme) Is what I really can feel this year. Make everything extreme. Well, in another 10 minutes I’ll end

26. (retweet u_re_play : Please give KiAi to my Mum who has Influenza! She’s suffering and it’s sad!) You’re not leaving me behind right? You’re not having enough KiAi! KiAi! … Tell her that.

27. (retweet 74tweeting : GACKT san please go buy icecream from the convenience store for me) Hey, am I your maid? If you’re gonna say dumb things like that I’ll turn you into poop myself. Go buy it yourself! You poop!

28. Alright. It’s about time to go. I don’t know if this is considered silly but, I feel blessed to spend the start of the year like this with everyone answering your tweets. Thank you. From tomorrow, everyone has to firmly stick smiles to your faces. Don’t ever forget “There is never an unneeded smile in the world. “

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29. Incidentally, in an hour, there were over 20,000 tweets. We’ll meet again.

source: GACKT Official Twitter

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team