Information for attendees of the 2nd GACKT X Tokyo philharmonic orchestra [An Evening of Classical Splendour]

It will finally be the 26th December for the performance with the Tokyo philharmonic Orchestra which had its first run last year.

26 Dec 2014 (Fri)

Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

Afternoon performance / Doors Open 13:30 / Performance Starts 14:00

Evening Performance / Doors Open 18:30 / Performance Starts 19:00

As per last year, there are not specific requirements for dress code but attendees are recommended to come dressed in Tuxedos or Dresses to enjoy the event in a classy mood.

To enjoy the event in an elegant fashion, please do come dressed in slightly formal clothes which exude elegance.

Clothes with materials which create sound easily, or accessories which do so should be avoided as they will be a disturbance to the other guests.

Also, there will be a cloak room available for use at the venue.

Ladies: cocktail dresses or one-piece dresses suitable for wedding attendances.

Men: suits, tuxedos, and jackets are recommended.

To bring out the best in the instruments, the hall is build to resonate sound.

As such, please take note that exiting the hall may cause a great disturbance.

if it is absolutely necessary to do so, please exit only after the song has ended and before the next song plays,

For guests who are late to the performance, there will be staff to guide you so please follow their instructions.

To fully enjoy the event in splendor, it is recommended to come to the venue early.

To enhance the sounds of the instruments, the hall is designed to resonate sound, so please try not to make movements which may create sound.

While in your seat, it is recommended for you to not hold onto your baggage.

There will be media personnel with cameras and equipment to record the performances during both timeslots

Thank you for your understanding.

There will be limited on-site ticket sales subject to the availability of tickets (sales begin approx. 1hr before performance starts).

Afternoon performance sales time 13:00~

Evening performanxe sales time 18:00~

Official goods will be sold at the event venue .

for the first time, a memorial plate will be on sale!

it has been designed with sense and alignment with the series.

As part of a special and precious collection, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on one.

The popular micro fibre towel and scarf which is suitable with the classy classical concert.

On available at the venue is the usual clear folder with postcard, ispart of the line up as well.

Those who Do not have tickets to the event may purchase the goods as well.

SO everyone, by all means do come down to the venue.

Sales start timings

Afternoon 12:00~13:00

Evening 17:00~18:00

During the performance and after the performance, purchase of goods can still be done but only by ticket holders.

Thank you for your understanding.

GACKT’s CD/DVD will also be on sale.

G&LOVERS (G-PRO) members who spend above 3’000 yen on these goods will get a poster for the latest single “Akatsukizukuyo -DAY BREAKERS-“!

As the posters are only available in limited quantities, please do take note.

You may register for the GACKT Offical Fanclub G&LOVERS at the event venue.

This is to be in time for the early bird sales of the nation-wide tour in 2015, so please do take the chance!

Ubon company

03-6388-0083 (weekdays 11:00~18:00)



Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team