Announcements for 91st Camui Gakuen de MatomenaSai
Here’s a notice of our announcements.

The Osaka Branch School will finally be starting on 23 Dec (Tue-Hol) and the 24th (Wed)
have you readied your hearts~~?

◆◇◆◇ F9 Member Sales Showdown ◇◆◇◆

In this year’s MatomenaSai as well !! Sales Showdown!!!

This year, with the renewed school uniform,
you can get your hands on the new bromides
through the stalls manned by the members of F9!!
IN ADDITION s-s-somehow female versions of the new uniforms will also be featured in bromides!!

1st Blast of Sales : You senpai, Takumi Senpai, Sato senpai, Val senpai, Hayato senpai
Bromides sold: new male uniform version bromides which may include Council President

2nd Blast of Sales : Ega senpai, Wang Senpai, Ryo senpai, Shinnosu senpai, Yuuki senpai
Bromides sold: new female uniform version bromides which may include the Council President


A new F9 sales competition system is to be introduced from the Osaka School Branch!!
This news system will be implemented from 23 Dec (Tue) onwards at the Osaka School Branch.

Simply put, the sales competition will be in digital format.
Before you reach the event venue,

1. Install “mate”
2. Turn on your Bluetooth

Once you have completed 1 and 2, please register your attendence.
After that,

3. You will receive an invitation when you arrive at the event venue.
4. After the ceremonial introduction of the members for the sales competition, a “Nagesen (Tips)” button will appear.

A minute after the ceremonial introduction (of the members), there will be a corner where you can support your Senpais through your iPhones and iOS.

5. Press the button for the Senpai you want to support.
There are 4 types of buttons
a. Heart : 1 point (Free)
b. Blue Heart : 100 points (100 yen)
c: Green Heart : 1,000 points (1000 yen)
d. Pink Heart : 10,000 points (9,800 yen)
* If you pick the Pink Heart, you can send a message to the Senpai you’re supporting which will be broadcast on screen.
The message can only be typed in letters. Emoji cannot be used.
The above is paid through Apple’s systems.

Since the billing function can only be done through Apple’s systems,
Android and Garake systems can only send Heart (1 point).

The votes of all students will be track-able in real-time during the performance,
and the results of the winners of the Sales Competition
will be determined by both the Bromide sales and the Hearts.

Those who have correctly guessed the winners of the Sales Competition will get to take a photo with the winning Senpais.
* Please note that the people who qualify for the photo have to had given over 1,000 points to the winning Senpais.
* Even if you’ve spent money via “mate” for the points, you cannot exchange that for Bromides.

This plan will be carried out from the Osaka School Branch onwards.
Because this is the first time we’re doing this, there will be “mate” booths and videos at the event venue to explain the process.
Students who can take part, by all means, please do so.
How’s it~~!!

Applicable OS: iOS 7 and above
Supported devices: iPhone 4s, iPad(3rd generation), iPad mini, iPod touch(5th generation) and above

The senpais who win the competition, along with the students who guessed the winning team, will get to take 2 photos together after the show for the senpais to show their appreciatio.
Now, which senpais will take first place?

For the photo taking, please follow the announcements~~
Please note that if instructions are not followed the photo taking may be cancelled.

◆◇◆◇ Miss/Mister Camui Gakuen ◇◆◇◆

Register via GACKT Official LINE between 11:30~13:00 on 23 Dec and 14:30~16:00 on 24 Dec.

1. When [GACKT Official LINE] page goes “ON AIR”, you may begin applying.

2. Interested participants should
get the Official Entry Panel that is distributed at the concert venue and fill in the blanks with your participation number, name and seat number, before taking a photo.

3. Photo, registration number and full name should be texted to the GACKT Official LINE.

*You may use any platform for your sent photo. E.g. sns, blog, twitter etc.

Ms-Mr Camui Gakuen for the day will be announced on the same day by the GACKT-like Student Council President!

This time around as well, those who nominate will get a W Chance!?
A special Facebook Jury Prize will be given away!!
The winners will receive from us a pair of tickets for our beloved GACKT-sama’s stage play [ Moon Saga Special Chapter “Yoshitsune Hot Blooded School Life” -Chapter 2] ~
There’s no reason to not participate in this right!!

◆◇◆◇Sales Department ・ Student Canteen ◇◆◇◆

From tomorrow, the Osaka School Branch Gakuen Fest will be held for 2 days!

Sales Department
23 Dec   Sales start from 10:00~
24 Dec   Sales start from 12:00~

Even if you don’t have tickets to the concert, you’re welcome to join the festivities! With of course the cat ears as recommended by the Student Council President on NicoLive broadcast, there’s also the GOOD quality suede school bag.
To withstand the cold of the outdoors! The Fluffy Cat-Eared Parka and Kairo are recommended.

For more details, please refer to the link:

Student Canteen
23 Dec   Sales start from 10:00~
24 Dec   Sales start from 12:00~
One of the epitome of the Gakuen Fest is the Student Canteen,
conquer the original menu that can only be tasted at this event!
After class, the Senpais may also come down and have fun!? Before that, please purchase your Shokku Tickets.

◆◇◆◇ CD・DVD Sales ◇◆◇◆

GACKT’s CD・DVD will be on sale.

G&LOVERS(G-PRO)members who spend above 3,000 on these merchandise
will receive the poster of the latest single「Akatsukizukuyo -DAY BREAKERS-」on a first come first serve basis!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team