《Nestle Presents「GACKT na Game!? GA-ME-SENTERU!」》

Here’s a message from your executive committee〜

Your head of Student council has got his hands on some news of our beloved GACKT!!!

Starring in the YouTube show called
Nestle Presents「GACKT na Game!? GA-ME-SENTERU!」☆

It’s just too wonderful having GACKT broadcasting game-play videos
for 365 days, 7:00 PM everyday!!!
As always, GACKT’s Game Fever doesn’t know where to stop!!

Your Head of Student Council is always taking on some influence!?!?

Taking on all sorts of games,
from big hit games of the past to recent games!!

Bringing you a look-back onto November’s plays,
And 「Contra III: The Alien Wars」and「Asphalt8 」climbing their way into the challenge list for December!
How are things looking!?!?

You might even be able to catch a rare glimpse of GACKT’s in gaming mode expression!?!?
This is getting me so excited♪♪

I also hear that GACKT will be replying in the comments section☆
Definately something not to miss out on!

Anyway, see you!

Here’s where you should be looking☆
Students, make sure to check it out from here!!
【Nestle Presents「GACKT na Game!? GA-ME-SENTERU!」】
Airing: From 1st July 2014, every day for 1 year
Time: 7:00PM
Airing on: YouTube Nestle Japan Official Channel

Source: GACKT Official Facebook