30 Nov, today before leaving for Nagoya, I thought i’d visit a shop i like. Previously when I went to Nagoya, I wanted to post about it on LINE but right after that I heard the shop changed its name…
Those unfaithful guys!
With that, I angrily went up to Chi-Mane’s Kida-kun who changed the shop’s name without my permission and demanded “what’s the meaning of this!”. Well, with his earnest apology, I said I’ll forgive him if he gave a 50% discount for today. Ahahaha.
You kids who subscribed to this GACKT Official LINE, if you show the shop’s staff this message, you’ll get a GACKT Special Half Price for today only. Chi-Mane’s Kida-kun , if you ever change your shop’s name again at least let me know.
What a wreck!!

Ah, thats right, I didnt tell you guys the name of the shop. Its in Nagoya’s Higashi-ku (East side), Izumi. The name of the shop is Sotobori Punch….. I guess.
What a tacky name!

Somehow because I got pissed again, tomorrow will be at half price as well.
If you show this Official GACKT comment, you’ll get the discount!

The picture didnt send out. Damn it!


The guy who asked me to update LINE this time around is Chi-Mane’s Kida!
That’s it.

Everyone, enjoy the half price.
Serves you right!


source: GACKT Official LINE

Transllation: GACKT ITALIA Team