Gakuen Fest Introduction of the Student Canteen Menu
The Gakuen Fest will have many activities going on but, “if you’re talking about Gakuen Fest!” you’ll without a doubt think of the student canteen where we serve our original menu.

Beginning with You senpai’s Curry Series “Piku Piku Pink Curry”, do come and enjoy our lewdly named food stuffs (lol?).

To enter, you will need Shokku Tickets!
Please purchase the Shokku Tickets before entering then Student Canteen

Student Shokku-do (Canteen)
Starts 13:00~
Location: sales only area in the venue (entry is allowed before doors open into the stage area)

*only ticket-holders can take part.
* after registration, you may enjoy the facilities.
* you continue using the facilites after the performance as well.
* the Shokku Tickets that you have purchased may be used at the other venues of MatomenaSai as well.

For more info: GACKT Goods Office
052-979-6500 (Weekdays 10:00~17:00)


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team