F9 Member Battle!! Sales Challenge

In this year’s MatomenaSai as well, the F9 members will fight it out with sales!!

F9 Member Seniors will be at the sales booths, and challenge each other directly!!

This year, with the renewed school uniform, you can buy all new bromides featuring them

IN ADDITION s-s-somehow female versions of the new uniforms will also be featured in bromides!!

The seniors have it tough. They’re really cute!! Filled with Ki Ai!!!!!!

1st Blast of Sales : Ega senpai, Wang Senpai, Ryo senpai, Shinnosu senpai, Yuuki senpai

Bromides sold: new female uniform version bromides which may include the Council President

2nd Blast of Sales: You senpai, Takumi senpai, Sato senpai, Val senpai, hayato senpai

Bromides sold: new male uniform version bromides which may include Council President

The senpais who win the competition, along with the students who guessed the winning team, will get to take 2 photos together after the show for the senpais to show their appreciatio.

Now, which senpais will take first place?

*please follow the instructions of the staff committee for the photo taking session.

In the case where instructions are not followed, pleae understand that the session may be cancelled.

Source: GACKT.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team