《Message from Executive Committee〜 Introducing Recommended goods♪ ②》

Hello students, Gokigenyo〜♪
Here’s a message from the executive committee〜

I’ve got my hands on some information of goods to be sold at
The Camui♂GACKT de Matomena Sai’s sales club starting this weekend,
So, here’s a little heads-up^^

The hottest item this winter!!

『Mofumofu (fluffy) Cat ears hooded Jacket』

*Shrieks* Cat ears have finally become a hooded Jacket >-<♪
If I was to lie in wait for the Head of council,
While wearing this soft and fluffy Hooded Jacket…(*ノ▽ノ)

All the cuteness will get a Kabe-don?!
No, maybe a Yuka-don?!
..what!?Maybe even a Geta-don?!?!

Anyhow! It’s sure to get Head of Student council,
and the F9 Seniors falling madly in love〜((*´∇`人´∇`*))) Fluffy♪

There’s no choice than to get your hands on this!
Everybody, gather around the Sales club^^♪

Tomorrow, I’ll be introducing a renewed version of a standard good!
Well then, Gokigenyo〜♪


Source: GACKT Official Facebook