《Message from Executive Committee〜 Introducing Recommended goods♪ ①》

Hello students, Gokigenyo〜♪
Here’s a message from the executive committee〜

I’ve got my hands on some information of goods to be sold at
The Camui♂GACKT de Matome Festival’s sales club starting this weekend,
So, here’s a little heads-up^^

First we’ve got〜…

『’a word from the Head of Student council’ post-its☆』

When it’s a word from the Head of Student council,
Whoever’s got the post-it on them has no choice but to obey

Don’t just keep it to a word, write down all your wishes
Even if I don’t need anything, I still write on it☆
Maybe I’ll stick it on that person’s back?!
Yeah, I can’t wait to

Come on and check out the sales club♪

Tomorrow I’ll be introducing the hottest item this winter!
Look out for it☆

Well well then, Gokigenyo〜


Source: GACKT Official Facebook