Camui♂Gakuen students, Gokigenyo♪
I’m the Camui♂Gakuen student council president Camui Gackt!(*`ω´)/

We negotiated with GACKT
and took over this space for a little while

Soo, for this Gakuensai, what kind of things are being prepared, I wonder?
Come and see it

Oh sorry, there are also people wondering what Gakuensai is?!
It’s a big event we open following the Camui♂Gakuen motto ”Play seriously, study seriously tackle everything without holding back”

This year since we are having an open campus, student’s from other school make sure to come to!
Those who haven’t participated yet come and take a look too! d(-_^)☆

cya, back to preparations


Seito Kaicho

Source: GACKT Official Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team