It’s been a while, how are you all doing?

Recently I’ve been even busier than ever.
And here I was thinking things would settle down a little after Yoshitsune Mysteries came to a close…

There’s going to be another Yoshitsune Mysteries performance to be held in January.
Featuring a different Yoshitsune from the one you may have seen before.

『MOON SAGA 2, Extra Performance -The Yoshitsune hot-blooded Academy story- 』。

Even after seeing the name, you probably have no idea what it’s going to be about right?
「Yoshitsune… and hot-blooded Academy story? 」
If that’s what you thought, come on down and see it with your very own eyes.
It’ll only be once, at the Nakano San Plaza Hall, Thursday 8th January.

I’m right in the middle of writing the script.
It’ll turn out to be one hell of a performance, so look forward to it.

While I’m concentrating on my script writing,
I’ve decided to let head of student council, Camui GACKT
from the Camui Zaibatsu manage this place.

Also because he called me out of the blue the other day,
inviting me to see the academy festival again this year…
Also, he offered me to become head of the school council.
I’m too busy for that stuff..
So instead I’ve decided to let him to manage this spot.

Seems like tickets will be on sale for students from other schools tomorrow,
Why don’t you check it out.

Me… Of course I’ll be going.
I’ll try to fit it into my schedule.



Source: GACKT Official facebook