Announcement of Free GACKT Digital Calendar

GACKT has announced that he will be releasing a digital calendar that is free for a limited period. GACKT, whose yearly overseas shoots for the calendar usually hints at the annual fanclub holiday event’s location, has crossed the equator to the southern hemisphere for this year’s shoot.

With a new format starting next year, he will be delivering a calendar that starts from April (April 2015 – March 2016). Preordering is set to start in the later half of December 2014, and goods are to be delivered by mid March 2015.

Before that, the delivery of “GACKT Digital Calendar Jan2015-Mar2015”, will be together with the January 2015 edition of the fanclub magazine which has the “GACKT Poster Calendar Jan2015-Mar2015”.

Where on earth in the southern hemisphere did he do the shoot? And what kind of GACKT will be portrayed with such a majestic location as the background? Fans will want to keep their eyes peeled from here on out.



Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team