Last month, curtains closed for MOON SAGA 2, the performance starring GACKT.
Did everybody get a chance to check it out?
Performing under complete projection mapping,
As well as fighting scenes in LED Suits,
I’m sure plenty of viewers were charmed by all the
continuous highlights of the performance!
Thanks for everybody that came to watch the show!
This stage show got some gossip going,
Enough for many celebrities to come and check it out,
Amongst those celebrities, this person made an appearance!
He’s uploaded a video of his time at the event,
So you might want to check it out!
A Spin-off stage-play of “MOON SAGA 2, Extra Performance -The Yoshimitsu hot-blooded Academy story-”
is planned to be held on the 8th Janurary, at Nakano Sun-Plaza Hall.
A Super Parody, brought to you by the cast of Mysteries of Yoshitsune.
What would it be like if the stories of Yoshitsune were put into a modern setting?
I hope you’re all looking forward to this as well!
Early-Booking applications have also started at the GACKT official fanclub, “G&LOVERS”♪
Check out the details at LOVERS info!
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「I went to meet GACKT! 「MOON SAGA 2」」

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source: GACKT Official Facebook