Oh~ it’s you…

Now? We’re finishing up the Yoshitsune stage play…
Talking to the others backstage…


Tell you how it feels?
In exchange for not giving you a birthday present, you say…

Hey hey, seriously…
What are getting at.

I guess i don’t have a choice…
Today’s the finale so it’s really special.

Yesterday, and with today, we’re finishing up
The Secret of Yoshitsune Chapter2.

4 months have passes in a flash…

Of course during yesterday and today as well
we conducted the last training session from morning.
For these few months,
everyone has gone through really tough training.


Even as the pressure went up in trainings and such everyone still went through it smoothly,
because of the their bodies probably ended up pretty battered too.
But to be able to make it all the way here is fairly tough.


Even when they were all messing around,
while they’re laughing at each other’s pains,
they too have chosen this difficult path to walk.


The bench that we’ve used throughout this tour
will be resting in the warehouse until the Camui Gakuen Festival next month.


Like that
it’s all going to stack up for real.
Training is really tough.


even if you complained nothing would change.
You’ve got no choice but to do it.

I’m always saying that… you say.

… …, well i guess so.
That’s how I always think and proceed.
Even if you complain no one can help you.


You have to pick your own path for personal growth.
Are you satisfied with the current you…

You have to decide for yourself.
Because it’s your own life.


The route for your own personal growth
will be filled with tough and difficult times.
But, if you can rise above all that there will be huge rewards at the end of the road.


In these 4 short months,
I wonder how many of them feel this way…
Even if its just a few of them who feel that way,
it gives me a good reason to live life.


Although we’re all going through the same 4 months,
depending on what we do during that time we end up become completely different people.
Those who really understand this
can change their lives.
No, its more like being able to apply the knowledge of how to change their lives and moving forward…
No matter how small the action
you have to understand that if you dont take it nothing will change in your life.


Everyone ended up with a good body.
Well not only a good body.
What’s important is that their hearts have really gotten stronger.


For the time being this guy probably wont be used I guess…
Thanks for your hard work.


The play on the 30th
is actually considered as the finale.
The 31st became a Halloween Party.
Thats why, everyone’s mood was also slightly different.
There’s another play during New Year’s.
But as for what we’ve done up to now
this is the last day.


Maybe it’s because I expressed my feelings like that,
the 30th’s finale had a slightly different atmosphere.
Even though everyone decided to have fun,
a slightly lonely atmosphere came up.


After the performance ended,
a strange feeling came over.


Even for me,
as I hugged everyone one by one its was for a longer than usual period.

What happened?… you ask.

Well I dont know.
But it was a strange feeling anyway.
The thankful feeling was especially strong
in my heart I guess.
Its a Thank You that’s different than normal.


Although we went for dinner after the performance,
for some reason it was really sad.
Its a strange thing.
I thought, even though there was still tomorrow…


But, today’s mood was surprisingly bright.
I was looking forward to the people who would be visiting
and was wondering how many would turn up so i was excited.
The stuff that we used as foundations until now
are in the process of getting disposed of now.



We all ended training today
checking out out costumes for Halloween.
Everyone’s mood was a huge difference from yesterday
it was a real relief.

source: OH! MY! GACKT! Blomaga

translation: GACKT ITALIA Team