Hello everyone!
Thank you all for attending MOON SAGA Yoshitsune Hiden Ch 2!

Starting from the Tokyo Meijiza theater, we travelled around the country and were able to make it till the final show without problems 。
All of us from the staff、we are very happy for the words we received from you all。

Since on 2015.1.8 there will be MOONSAGA Special Edition 「Yoshitsune’s passionate academy story」~Ch 2~ wait impatiently for this!!!

Details below.

MOON SAGA Special Edition 「Yoshitsune’s passionate academy story」~Ch 2~ meeting decided!

How would it be if Yoshitsune Hiden was a story that takes place in the present time?
A super parody of Yoshitsune Hiden made by Yoshitsune Hiden’s cast!
Without seeing this show Yoshitsune Hiden can’t be considered concluded。
Premium show with only two performance
Let’s meet again in the new year!
【Where】Nakano Sunplaza Hall
【Tickets】S seat 12,000yen / A seat 7,000 yen(All seats reserved・tax excluded)
Details will be announced on an appointed website!Don’t lose sight of Yoshitsune Hiden yet!!

source: Moon Saga Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team