91st Kamui Gakuen de matomenasai priority booking
Good morning~ Here is the staff of matomenasai. From 30th November at 15:00 It will be open enrollment for orchestra seats, the seats in the balcony and orchestra seats Rear: ~ Are you ready ??

※Registration is reserved exclusively for registered members, by 15th September , 2014.

【the program of the 91st kamui♂gakuen matomenasai tour de】 【date / place】 29th November Nagoya Port Messe Nagoya exhibition hall 1st December 13 Chiba Chiba Port Arena December 14 Chiba Chiba Port Arena 23th December Osaka Grand Cube Osaka International Conference Hall Main Hall 24th December Osaka: Osaka International Conference Hall Grand Cube the Main Hall 28th December Fukuoka Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel


⑤ seats in the stalls 7,500yen maximum of 4 tickets per person

⑥seats in the gallery 7,000yen maximum of 4 tickets per person

⑦rear seats in the stalls 4,500yen maximum of 4 tickets per person

※we don’t have kids deposit

※ put the uniform

for details https://www.gackt.com/page/camuiG/index.html

【booking on the web or by phone】

⑤seats in the stalls

⑥seats in the gallery

⑦Rear seats in the stalls

Registration will be open: 30th October at 15: 00 ~ 4th November at 23:59

Period of extraction: 7th November at 15: 00 ~ 11th November at 23:00

It’s available the possibility of payment: by 7th november 2014 at 15: 00 ~ 11th November at 23:00

※for those who wish to attend the event with the wheelchair seats available are:

Nagoya ② special places 15,000yen

Chiba ② special places 15,000yen ⑥ seats in the gallery 7,000yen

Osaka ⑤ seats in the stalls 7,500yen Fukuoka

⑤ seats in the audience 7,500yen

For further communications will be contacted via the telephone number that you will leave at the time of registration.

■GACKT Fan club site tel: 0570-084-042


【informations】 ◇Lawson Ticket Information 0570-000-777 (10:00~20:00)

【Fan Club】 ◇GACKT official fanclub G&LOVERS 03-5428-8740 (平日12:00~17:00) 神威♂楽園 de セメナ祭

Source: GACKT.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team