31 October (Fri) Omiya Performances
Announcement of Events Planned for the Big Finale!
Coming 31 October, Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune-Chapter2 which has arrived at Saitama Prefecture’s Omiya, will have a special event planned for its big finale!
The name of it is, [Yoshitsune Hiden Big Finale Halloween Party]!!!!
On the 31 October is Halloween, the day when both adults and children dressup in costumes! It can only be fate that that finale is on the same day! Or is ir destiny?
“TEAM Yoshitsune Hiden”, which is led by GACKT, will entertain everyone with special stage performances and much more!
To you who are going to watch the play.
If you’re embarrassed to dress up, you won’t be able to fully enjoy Halloween.
To those who have watched Yoshitsune Hiden already, definitely do not miss this once in a life time event!!
Of course, because it’s Halloween, the best dressed may have something special awaiting them…
Everyone, go to Omiya Sonic in costumes on the 31st!!
If you miss this, you’ll never get another chance in this life!
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Source: MOON SAGA Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team