《Secret Special Meeting in Nagoya FINAL》

On the 12th October『MOON SAGA 2』

Evening performance at Nagoya

A Secret Special Meeting was held!

This time marks the last Secret Meeting for the Nagoya performances.

And…Today is the long awaited, GACKT appearance!!!!ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

GACKT, Seiji Kinoshita and Yuki Kimisawa

throwing out some funny talk, so funny you’d think it was a short comedy!!

All the LOVERS lucky enough to be selected this time

Were blessed with a friendly and fun time♪♪

With this last commemoration photo, say☆cheese♪♪

I can’t wait for the upcomming performance at Sendai!!(●´艸`)

GACKT Facebook 23 Ott

Source: GACKT Official facebook