To escape the spiral of sister・Mami(Taketomi Seika), Natsuki(Kuroki Meisa)asks Shuya(GACKT)not to save her from the kidnapping 15 years ago…will Shuya really leave Natsuki in the lurch!?Will it be a future where neither of them survive!?21 October (Tue)NHK BS「Time Spiral」’s final teaser video has been released on the official site.

「Time Spiral」 is down to its final episode. For the sake of saving his sister・Mami(Taketomi Seika), older brother Shuya(GACKT) has sacrificed everything… Will Shuya’s wishes come true? Also, Shuya has strained the relationship between Natsuki(Kuroki Meisa) and Kentaro(Hiraoka Yuta)for the sake of his sister、but does he really love Natsuki? In such a Shuya’s heart、some part may soon come to light… In the final episode airing on 21 October (Tue)、it would be nice if everything could be resolved…

■Summary of what happened previously
When Shuya (GACKT)returned to year 2020、he tried to phone his sister・Mami (Taketomi Seiki) but… she did not even return his calls. Shuya becomes clueless as to what else he can do.
Natsuki(Kuroki Meisa)confesses to her mother・Yoshimi (Kishimoto Kayoko) that ever since the kidnapping、she has repeatedly suffered panic attacks. And that when it happens, Kentaro(Hiraoka Yuta)was always helping her… However、Natsuki does not want to keep being a burden to Kentaro and wants to stand on her own.
Ever since the start of production of the Noise Illness cure, mother・Yoshimi has been completely absorbed by her work late into the nights. Meanwhile、there were reports that she had collapsed from her consumption of alcohol. Yoshimi, who has promised Shuya to authorise the new drug by 2007, changed part of the data for the sake of meeting his deadline. Because of that、it has become a case where 1 in 30,000 who has been administered the drug will die from consuming alcohol.
Natsuki kept thinking of what Shuya said, that time travel should be thought of in simpler terms. No matter how many times Shuya changes the past, he cannot reverse the spiral of Mami’s death. That’s why、it can only be reversed from the time the spiral began. And it began from the kidnapping incident 15 years ago…

■Summary of final episode「A New Future」
Natsuki(Kuroki Meisa)kept thinking of Shuya (GACKT)’s plans to save his sister・Mami (Taketomi Seiki). Everything started from 15 years ago、from the time of Natsuki’s kidnapping. Natsuki asks Shuya to once again return to 15 years ago and not save her. Shuya time travels for the last time… with an unexpected ending!?

NHK BS Premium 「Time Spiral」(8 Episodes)Final episode「A New Future」airs on October 21 (Tue) night at 11:15p.m. . Main actors are Kuroki Meisa, GACKT and more. Teaser video can be watched on the offical site. Also available on NHK On-Demand if you missed it.



Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team