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Accessories that go with fashion sense! GACKT’s Top 3 Watches

GACKT’s 45th and newest single [Akatsukizukuyo -Day Breakers-] went on sale from 1 October. We asked him, who looks good in anything he wears, about his top 3 watches.

1. Harry Winston


Its a piece that is more suited as an accessory than a watch. Its too reflective so it’s difficult to see the time… (laughs). Its covered in diamonds from end to end… this is a bit dangerous. This is something I’m really into. Basically this has been discontinued so all the watches that have been discontinued I delved into customising them and turning them into diamond accessories. I also increased the size of the belt and wear it as it is. Instead of a watch, I’m using it as more of an accessory.

2. 「GemCerey]’s ALIVE GACKT Limited Edition


This was given to me by GemCerey’s boss Nakano on my birthday. When I said “I like stuff covered in diamonds”, he searched for “excellent” cut and VVS (highest clarity grade for diamonds) to decorate the watch with. This displays the tourbillon well and its something i wear regularly.

3. JACOB&Co ‘s 6 TimeZones


Since its a present I got from a friend for my birthday, I wear it all the time when I go overseas. Basically for me, I like watches that are covered in diamonds, so I prefer them more as accessories than proper watches. Points that I like about this is that the face is large, and I think its cute that each of the faces have diamonds around them, and the fact that it tells the world time is quite interesting, I guess.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team