Good day to you all students〜
This is a participation notification ♥

It’s that season again —!!
That’s right! Gakuennsai!!

Fooool the students who thought this year was impossible!
There’s no way he wouldn’t make it!!!
Even though Seito Kaicho is really busy, there will be Gakuensai again this year!

The title is
The 91st Camui♂Gakuen de Matomenasai

Sooo –
How will it turn out to be this Gakuensai?!
This time too ♥ We are all excited ♥♥

[Meromenasai Schedule]

11/29 (Saturday) – Nagoya – Port Messe Nagoya Hall 1
12/13 (Saturday) – Chiba – Chiba Port Arena
12/14 (Sunday) – Chiba – Chiba Port Arena
12/23 (Tuesday – public holiday) – Osaka – Osaka International Convention Centre Main Hall
12/24 (Wednesday) – Osaka – Osaka International Convention Centre Main Hall
12/28 (Sunday) – Fukuoka – Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel and Hall

This year we’ll start from Nagoyaaa!!

Camui Gakuen Land
is more fun than Di*sney Land!♪

You can spend a great Christmas♥Eve Eve and Christmas♥Eve with Kaicho.

The FINAL SHOW, wha, what, that’s right, it will end in Kyushi for the first time!! Kaicho loves it 〜♥

All students in West Japan!! Are you ready – ?
All students around the country!! Are you ready- ?

To finish this year greatly
At the Metomenasai one year, Metomenasai (Laugh)

※Further details will be announced shortly.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team