《Secret Special Meeting》

The Fan Club event taking place along with『MOON SAGA 2』!
The Secret Special Meeting,
Has been a huge hit at both Osaka and Hiroshima☆

And for the 3rd meeting at Osaka on the 26th, surprise! GACKT makes his appearance!
GACKT, Seiji Kinoshita, Takaki Uda talking about some amusing topics♪♪
It was a wonderful time, all the selected members getting quite excited♡

And on the next day, 27th, was the last Secret meeting at Osaka.
After the performance, Mayo Kawasaki, Yuki Kimisawa, Takaki Uda, re-joining the stage!
With Mr. Kawasaki’s Osaka dialect flying left and right, all the participants had great fun♪

Following up, at the 4th October performance in Hiroshima…
We get to see GACKT showing up again!!!

*clap clap clap*♪♪

With that, after the performance、
GACKT, Yuki Kimisawa, Takaki Uda make thier way back onto the stage☆

To finish up, a commemorative photo with everyone!!
Both a friendly and fun time it was♪♪

Well well… how will the next Secret Meeting turn out…!?

I can’t wait for the Nagoya Performance comming up next☆

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Source: GACKT Official Facebook