Hello to All! I’m the producer of Time spiral!!
The sixth episode looked like a thriller.

This scene was shot in a park. The morning was sunny, but shortly before the shooting of the scene of thunder, the sky became cloudy and this gave to the scene a serious and tense atmosphere!
Obviously, however, the lightning was created with computer graphics!


By the way, in an interview GACKT said:
「The wind was blowing very strong and there were all the staff who gave the orders screaming, also there was a lot of distance between Syuya and Natsuki. Honestly, I didn’t understand anything of what we were saying! It was one of the most important scenes and I didn’t understand anything of what was said … it was absurd!!!」
oops……. I didn’t know that GACKT couldn’t hear anything of what was said…..
Despite everything he has acted wonderfully, that professionalism !!
The scene about Kuroki spoke to the press service was about this scene with the lightning. He said he couldn’t wait to make the filming.
The significant scene for both.
Although he knows that he must kill Natsuki to save Mami, but Syuya can’t do it…. Where the fate will lead him???
I know you can’t wait to know what happens in the seventh episode but in the meantime look at the pre-map and wait a week!

~program pre-map~
9th october  02:57 pm BSP
11th october 05:25 pm BSP
07:57 pm BSP

13th october  10:57 pm BSP
14th october 11:52 am BSP
11:47 pm  BS1

15th october 03:23 pm BS1
18th october  04:48 am BS1

19th october 12:47 am BS1

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