Natsuki (Kuroki Meisa) who can’t think of Shuya (GACKT) as a bad person… Sci-Fi Mystery Romance Drama [Time Spiral]

The premium evening drama “Time Spiral” [NHK BS Premium] which brings to you Kuroki Meisa as main character Aizawa Natsuki, GACKT as the lonely time traveller, Hiraoka Yuta as Natsuki’s childhood friend. Adaptation of a popular web novel “Tokeru Ransen” written by Mizumori Eren which is a sci-fi love mystery which tells of the fate between the heroine and a man in despair who are caught up in a swirling spiral of space and time connecting past and future.

Synopsis of episode 6 [Accelarated Fate (Kasokusuru Unmei)] —
Aizawa Natsuki (Kuroki Meisa) and Kentaro Yuki (Hiraota Yuta) have discovered that Tatsumi Shuya (GACKT) is Mitsuda Mami’s (Taketomi Seika) older brother. But towards Natsuki, who seems unable to find fault with Shuya and has decided not to investigate further, Kentaro has decided to give up on his love for her. Also, although Mami has escaped the clutches of the Noise illness, she is still unable escape from the clutches of death. From the words of Chubachi (Kitaro), to save Mami, the Shuya, who has decided that he has no choice but to kill Natsuki who was supposed to have died during the kidnapping, said “I’ll explain everything.”.

-Premium evening drama [Time Spiral]
Every Tuesday 23:15~ (NHK BS Premium)

[Actors] Kuroki Meisa, GACKT, Hiraoka Yuuta, Taketomi Seika, Kitarou Akimoto, Naomi Ogi , Shigemitsu Kishimoto Kayoko, Others

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team