Natsuki is an obstacle for Shuya, to change the fate of his little sister! September 30th NHKBS 「Time Spiral」 the plot of the 5th episode and trailer

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To change the fate of his sister Mami, Shuya (GACKT) continues to travel through time! But for some reason he can’t do it…ever… To understand why, Shuya goes back in time and discovers that Natsuki’s presence is an obstacle for his plan …… The 5th episode is on September 30th at 23:15. The trailer is on the official website.

The true purpose of Shuya is gradually revealed. At the beginning it seemed to be a simple story in which Shuya was so in love with Natsuki (Meisa Kuroki) to try to steal her from Kentaro (Yuta Hiraoka) … ..But evidently it’s not like that. In fact, Shuya travels through time trying to change the future of the life of his sister Mami that otherwise would die young. And he tries to hinder the story between Natsuki and Kentaro because Shuya’s sister is in love with Kentaro and the presence of Natsuki is an obstacle for the life of Shuya’s sister.

Who would have thought that the charming seducer GACKT just wanted to save the life of his sister at the cost of his life…

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GACKT 「暁 ​​月夜 -day BREAKERS-」 CM (YouTube)

■ The plot of the previous episode

The violinist Mami that once was in Kentaro’s family hospital, held a benefit concert at the hospital. Natsuki met Kentaro while he was going to listen to this concert and Kentaro takes advantage of this opportunity to make her a marriage proposal, giving her a diamond ring ……

But in the memory edited by Shuya, just before Kentaro asked for Natsuki’s hand, Shuya (GACKT) suddenly appears. After kissing her, Shuya says, “Forgive me for having you involved in this whole story. But it’s something I have to do at any cost. ”

When she was a child, Mami suffered from a very serious disease. The doctors said she would die before before her 15th Birdthay. Instead Natsuki’s mother has developed a new medicine against this disease so Mami is able 2 defeat it. While she was in the hospital, she loved to look at Kentaro playing football in the yard… After the concert, Mami tries to get closer to Kentaro but there are too many people in the middle asking for an autograph.

In this moment, Shuya appears to help Mami so that people don’t get in her way, and thanks to this, Mami is able to speak with Kentaro and they are able to exchange their telephone numbers. Natsuki arrives and walks towards the two of them, but Shuya stops her saying “Please stay away from them”

Natsuki is confused between two different memories. She remembers that Kentaro gave her a ring but she’s not so sure. Natsuki then tries to talk to Kentaro, and Kentaro confirms that in fact he was thinking to give her a ring but he didn’t. The strange thing is that Natsuki knows how this ring is as she had already seen it, but she had never seen it in theory.

「I have two different memories…and when it happens, it’s always because of Shuya…」

In the meantime Kentaro brings Mami to Natsuki’s mother. 「Thanks to you who created the medicine, I’m able to continue to play the violin」 Mami thanks with tears in her eyes and Kentaro watches with affection…yes, Kentaro is starting to fall in love Mami.

One day, Natsuki’s mother sees her daughter with Shuyaat the university and then she tells her 「No, my daughter. Not him」In fact, 15 years ago, the day of the accident, Natsuki’s mother met Shuya . 「Your daughter will die. But I will save her. In return for that we have to do a pact … 」Between the two of them there is a secret pact …

■ The plot of the fifth episode

Around Natsuki strange things are happening…there are two different memories…Kentaro starts to have suspicions about Shuya and makes a research about him. Discovering the pact between him and Natsuki’s mother, he asks Shuya an explanation for why he is back been even if Natsuki’s mother has kept the pact.

Shuya was impatient because, despite many travels through time, he wasn’t able to change the fate of his little sister. And eventually he has realized that Natsuki was an obstacle for the life of the beloved little sister.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team