Notice of deliveries of [Akatsukizukuyo -DAY BREAKERS- Premium Edition]

[Akatsukizukuyo -DAY BREAKERS- Premium Edition-] which were purchased via the GACKT STORE have begun shipping out.

Please wait patiently until they arrive.

Information on delivery and receipt of goods

Please understand that depending on where you live, delivery times will vary.

In the situation when you are not around during delivery, please bring the notice left by Yamato Delivery to the post office to pick up your goods.

If they are not picked up a week after initial delivery, the goods will be moved to the respective Yamato Sales Office in your area for safe-keeping. Please bring your notice to the Sales Office to pick up your goods.

If at that time you have yet to pick up your goods and want a re-delivery, a fee of 1,000yen will be charged.

Newbook Communication Clerk

04-2933-7787 (Weekdays from 9:00~18:00)

*Please note that if customers receive their goods on the later date, we will waive the fee.


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