First Update

Good evening everyone!

There’s a news for you from MOON SAGA production team staff.

Tomorrow the selling for the tickets of Osaka’s last date will open!!!

Since some of the reserved seat got opened, we decided to sell the tickets without presale.
The selling of the tickets starts one hour before the show at 12.00 (JPT) at the ticket office.
※The purchase will be available till the tickets sell out.

Second Update

Good Evening everyone, this is MOON SAGA production staff.

Finally today!!
The “Dorayaki” sale and the meeting with Musashibo Benkei where he’ll hold hands to every participant!!!

Date: 29th September 2014
Time: 15:45 ~ 16:15 (circa)・after the afternoon show
Where: At the Shin Kabukiza theatre entrance, at the special sale department

Only the people that have purchased the “Dorayaki” at the special department sale on the day of the show are allowed
Purchases of the Dorayaki in other dates are not valid
※in this case, you can buy them again at the special department sale.

People with no ticket for the show can also participate at the meeting by purchasing Dorayaki.

You can shake hands with Benkei in his costume right off the stage!

1. Products are available till sto run out.
2. There could be a change in the time.
3. It’s forbidden to take photos and ask for autographs.
4. It’s forbidden to take videos.
The divine combination between foamy and pleasant mixture and homemade red bean cream!
Dorayaki are quite rich, however you always want to eat more that’s how good they are!

Take advantage of this occasion and go shake hands with Benkai and taste the limited edition Dorayaki!

Quantity: 3 pieces each


source: Moon Saga Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team