Good morning everyone!
This is the Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune- Stage Production Staff.

Appearance of Musashibo Benkei! Dorayaki sale “Meet & Greet”

Dates of sales: 27 & 29 September 2014 (Sat & Mon)
Time: 15:45~16:15 / After the afternoon performances
Venue: Shin Kabukiza Front Entrance – Special Sales Section
On the first day of performances, there will be a subject of “people who have purchased the dorayaki at the Special Sales Section”.
On the other days, the subject will become “people who have purchased the dorayaki in advance”.
*If there is availability for more sales at the Special Sales Section, the subject will be raised again.

Since the sale will be held at the lobby outside the theatre,
people who did not purchase tickets may participate as well.

Fully dressed in his costume, you may get to shake hands with the real Benkei!

1. The event lasts as long as stocks are available. Once they are sold out, the event ends.
2. There may be times when the event will happen before and after shows.
3. Please refrain from taking photos, getting autographs, or any other activities that are not akin to a hand shake.
4. Taking photos or videos are absolutely prohibited.



Hello everyone!

This is the MOON SAGA — Yoshitsune Hiden production staff.

Everytime before leaving for the show all the members say ‘Let’s put Kiai’.

This photo was taken just before this.

Please support us in the evening performance too.


Source: Moon Saga Official Facebook

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