Time Spiral replication of all the previous episodes!

Good evening! I’m the producer of Time Spiral.

We are to the fourth episode, we are now in the middle!

In Natsuki back memories of when they stabbed her while it turns out that the real purpose of Shuya is to save the life of his younger sister, at any cost.

Meanwhile, Kentaro and Mami are approaching each other and the story takes place more quickly!!

This is a sequence’s pic.

Time Spiral blog

It’s a scene where Natsuki fight a panic attack and Shuya comes to help her! In fact here we were planning how to shot. During the shot, of course GACKT had his shirt tucked into his pants but here, do you notice that he leaves it off? Personally I find him very cute even so!

By the way, I’ve got fabulous news for you!!

On 28th September at 0: 30 ~ 2: 30, it makes replication of all four episodes together !!

Who lost the previous episodes, those who want to see again the previous episodes, do not miss this !!

Source: nhk.or.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team


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