*Secretary’s Message* GACKT Epidemic?!

Including TSUTAYA’s Special Edition of [Akatsukizukuyo -Day Breakers-], the ongoing sales campaign where customers have to buy all 3 versions in the same receipt and will receive a [Mini Pillow Strap]

Today, the actual samples have arrived in the office!
Immediately, the staff, in their own way, are checking the quality of the straps

…and, we tried attaching them to the phones and
hm, a peculiar aura rises from the collection of miniature GACKTs ^^;;

If these ever turned into GACKT
that may become a threat… laughs

Having seemed to inherit GACKT’s aura,
and releasing it without restraint…
Fearsome miniature GACKT-kuns.

If you kept them close at all times,
will they turn out to have amulet powers?!
**There isn’t any confirmation**
Do your best, miniature GACKT-kuns!

What you attach them to, and how many you attach is up ot you guys
I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on them
Please do take advantage of this promotion ^^

– Stocks are limited! Who gets the [Mini Strap Pillow] depends on a first come first serve basis!
-Through a lottery, 10 lucky winners will be selected! Win a life-sized GACKT pillow!



Translation: GACKT ITALIA team