Hello everyone ニコニコ

Last night, after the GACKT’s stage play [Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune- Chapter 2]

at Osaka’s Shin Kabukiza we went to eat yakunikuニコニコ

That guy

doesn’t he seem like someone who knows almost everything in the world?

I asked GACKT

Is there anything you don’t know?

If I have no interest in it I’ll know nothing of it at all ニコニコ

For example the current celebrities and such?

That’s right あせる

Although both GACKT and I are celebrities we’re completely oblivious to this world

As quoted from GACKT!

Even if you lose all your money and assets and become poor

knowledge will become your asset!!

Hm~ deep かお

As I was saying anyway,

while we talked a lot at the yakiniku restaurant

we ate too but

GACKT was very focused

and barbecued meat for me ニコニコ

Mayo Kawasaki blog

To end up having GACKT barbecue the meat for me あせる

It’s a restaurant I’m familiar with

and the barbecued shabu shabu is super delicious ラブラブ

Well, I guess it’s time to go~



Do I

eat yakiniku everyday?

Do I know what happened last night?

Why don’t you give it a guess にひひ

Alright, I’ll give my all for today’s stage play too!!

Source: Mayo Kawasaki Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team