To all the LOVERS

It was nice seeing you at the Yasoukai.
Have you all gotten safely back home from Bali?

I went straight from Bali to Fukuoka,
and finished off the Fukuoka Performance for Mysteries of Yoshitsune.
It turned out great!
The audience at Fukuoka were awesome!

What’s up now?
I’m headed for Osaka for the promotion of the Performances.
Looks like I won’t have any time to chill out.

The time spent at Bali felt so long, yet passed quickly.
No matter when I go to Bali, it never fails to be a nice place.

Bali has many artists, and the towns are filled with art.

Plenty of nice restaurants, and the clothing made there is quite fashionable.
I also love the spicy Indonesian cuisine.
If I could take the spicy taste with me, I’d me able to get along anywhere in the world, hahaha.

Such a luxurious environment is something you’d have trouble finding in Japan.

Even the members who came for the first time seemed to like Bali quite a lot.

I hope I get the chance to spend this relaxing sort of time with you again next year…

I’ve got so much more I want to talk about, but that can wait for the Blog-mag.

I can’t wait to see you all again, next time.


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