Good Morning LOVERS and happy Sunday!
Here we are again with the weekly staff blog! This was a pretty “calm” week. GACKT is busy with the Yasoukai in Bali so everything was weirdly calm, but we bet we are about to face a new week full of news as soon as he gets back! But now let’s talk about last week’s news!

First of all, GACKT Italia is proud to present you with the new LOVERS OVERSEAS international forums!! We are waiting for you to share with all international fans your thoughts about GACKT and much more


Let’s continue now with the GACKT news starting with the daily GACKT x Nestle videos

Unfortunately this week we were unable to post any subbed videos, we are preparing some surprises for you that kept us really busy backstage, but don’t worry!! The waiting is about to end!!

This week was also signed by the beginning of GACKT’s new drama, Time Spiral!! Have you see the first episode? Not yet?? What are you waiting for!!

Stayin in Time Spiral zone, our fabulous translators team has translated some of the articles and blogs regarding the drama and with backstage photos too!!

Moon Saga is about to start again and form their official Facebook, together with GACKT official website, we have these news:

And here we are at this week’s anniversary!! Friday was the anniversary of Another world and Fragrance release! We leave you with this lil gift!
Have a nice rest of the week end and a fantastic week!