Hello everyone, I’m the Time Spiral producer!

Have you seen the first episode last night?

Isn’t it cool the scene in which Shuya travels through time? !!

Today I want to show you a picture of the backstage in which Shuya drops some student’s sheets on purpose, so Kentarou stopped to give her a hand and pick them up so Shuya has prevented Kentarou from putting his eyes on Natsuki.


We used the high speed camera to achieve an effect similar to a computer graphics one!

Don’t miss the next episode (the second episode on September 9th) that wll slowly reveal the mysteries!

Good news for those who missed the first episode!

September 7th there will be a replica of the 1st episode on BR Premium at 16. Take advantage of it in order to follow the next episode!

Look forward for it!

Premium evening drama 「Time spiral」

From Septenber 2nd 《8 episodes》

【original work】Elen Mimori 「Tokeru rasen」

【screenplay】kiyomi Fujii

【music】Hiroshi Ikeyori


Meisa Kuroki , GACKT , Yuta Hiraoka , Seika Taketomi , Kitarou , Shighemitsu Oghi ,Naomi Akimoto , Kayoko Kishimoto

Source: nhk.or.jp