GACKT’s message for the 89° Kenshin Festival

To me, Joetsu is my “second hometown” it’s a special place.

When Joetsu citizens, the ones who take care of my beloved hometown, asked me to make Kenshin live again playing this role, I felt incredibly glad.

So, to answer their expectation, I was preparing the best Kenshin performance you’ve ever seen. But unfortunately, during my stage play my leg fractured.

And so this year I had to face this mission in this condition.

Sure, the idea thing would be to always be in best conditions to face something. But in real life, in most cases someone is forced to show his skills in spite of the various obstacles that unfortunately happen in life.

This time, my condition is difficult but I don’t consider it an obstacle, but more a thrust to lift up the combattive spirit and I would be very happy if I was able to pass on to as many people as possible that, if you put your heart and will into something, no matter all the disadvantages, you can accomplish any mission”

『I wish that many people will come and visit this wonderful and quiet place, and I wish for everyone to know the lyrical beauty. And with this performance I hope to be able to pass on the Japanese soul.』

This was my thought that helped me move forward.

I hope that, with this event, many will fall in love with Joetsu.